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The work published here represents the best of Professor Anderson's Freshman Composition classess at Sierra Nevada College. Working in editorial panels, the students themselves evaluated and selected the pieces to be published. Essays are organized into four main genres: research, narrative, argument, and comparison.  The essays represented on the home page of this site are a randomly generated selection of the work available. Click on one to get started, or go to the tabs above to select a category.  While all of the essays are interesting, the research and narrative essays are especially powerful. Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment. Thanks for visiting!

Many people believe that wearing a seatbelt is the right thing to do, and the law should require everyone to put one on. There are times when the use of a seatbelt can actually harm the user, so the choice should be left up to the individual. Why should the law dictate someone’s personal choices? […]

Because this is not a traditional annotated bibliography, I’d like to start off by mentioning that the other day when discussing bib # 10 you said that I was well on my way with the way I related four of the readings we read in this class including “In Defense of Prejudice” by Jonathan Rauch, […]

Skateboarding is a misrepresented counter culture that has been often over looked by the public as a degenerate sport filled with potheads and criminals. The slogan “skateboarding is not a crime” has been used to try and dampen the public’s view of skateboarding being a criminal activity. However due to the popularity of YouTube and […]

Want to know how I did school? I flailed, Hucked and hoped just to get through the day. That right there was my plan on the daily. I had no sort of system in place or even a way to judge how I am doing. My performance was all over the place usually have about […]