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The work published here represents the best of Professor Anderson's Freshman Composition classess at Sierra Nevada College. Working in editorial panels, the students themselves evaluated and selected the pieces to be published. Essays are organized into four main genres: research, narrative, argument, and comparison.  The essays represented on the home page of this site are a randomly generated selection of the work available. Click on one to get started, or go to the tabs above to select a category.  While all of the essays are interesting, the research and narrative essays are especially powerful. Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment. Thanks for visiting!

The topic of making marijuana legal is a hot one.  People think that it will make the country worse but in fact it will do the opposite.  The legalization of marijuana would have only positive effect on the way that we live First off while havng marijuana illegal it makes people feel better by having [...]

For my last and final bib I was assigned to compare two or more of the previous bibs. Therefore, I will choose to compare the theme of Prejudice, a common theme within the ten essays. I Think that Chris Anderson might have schemed a master plan where he hand picked nine essays with little hints [...]

In the current education system, one of the many flaws is “the grade trap.” While students are thought to be learning in school, many are not concerned with learning the material presented. Rather, the students are obsessed with the grade attached to their transcript. “The grade trap” is a state of mind where students only [...]

All my life I have lived near water.  I have grown up with a love for this beautiful, serene yet strong and powerful force of nature.  It has in many ways influenced my life.   I have been in, around and on water for as long as I can remember; I learned its many lessons.  I [...]