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The work published here represents the best of Professor Anderson's Freshman Composition classess at Sierra Nevada College. Working in editorial panels, the students themselves evaluated and selected the pieces to be published. Essays are organized into four main genres: research, narrative, argument, and comparison.  The essays represented on the home page of this site are a randomly generated selection of the work available. Click on one to get started, or go to the tabs above to select a category.  While all of the essays are interesting, the research and narrative essays are especially powerful. Feel free to read, enjoy, and comment. Thanks for visiting!

The legalization of marijuana has always been somewhat of an elephant in the room but, let’s face it, the subject of the drug needs to be dealt with. Consumers of the United States spend ranges of money every year on the secretive industry with the government seeing no return other than spending more on prisons, [...]

As a college student, from financial aid to finals, there is a lot going on at one time. One thing that is certain is some people believe college is unnecessary and all it does is put you in debt. The essay “Why College is a Waste of Time and Money” is a rather negative view [...]

Music festivals recently have been attracting attention around the world. In a place like Los Angeles on the night of HARD Summer, an annual music festival, the average pedestrian might encounter attendees of the festival. These attendees may either be dressed up in costume and/or with a large group of people, all with one common [...]

When I was a child I lived a totally care free life, as did most of the other children that I was surrounded by in elementary school. Things just seemed to happen when they needed to happen and my parents decided most of my schedule. Things did not change very much for me until I [...]